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I am so happy to announce to you some great news: the first single, Eleanor Rigby, off 'dyatribe', my new CD (8/31/2014), can now be downloaded at,, and!  'Eleanor Rigby' is also streaming at Pandora and Spotify!  A % of proceeds go to Rick O'Barry's Dolphin Project ( 

Check out the reviews so far:

“The musicianship is right in the pocket and Dyan's phrasing is impeccable. The choice of these songs for her and the band [Robert Turner/P, Ryan Cross/B, Lyndon Rochelle/D)]appear to have the unifying effect necessary to pull off a grand performance like this. Dyan is in possession of haunting refrains that make me smile.”   
-James M. Janisse
-"The Gentleman of Jazz"

“Dyan Kane and the Robert Turner Trio [Ryan Cross/Bass, Lyndon Rochelle/Drums], reinvent several familiar songs in unusual and imaginative ways. No matter how complex the music, or how assertive the ensemble, the singer sounds confident and relaxed, floating above it all with fresh improvising and a smile in her voice.”
Scott Yanow,  staff writer ‘The LA Jazz Scene,’ author of 11 books including ‘The Jazz Singers’.